Hi I’m Angela Emmerton, a Clinical Nutritionist and founder of Nutritional Matters, corporate speaker, writer, tea blender and Ambassador for That Sugar Film.


My interest in the unquestionable benefits of good nutrition led me to study for a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine as well as qualifications in social sciences and counselling.


Many of the clients I see in my practice are experiencing:
• Fatique
• Weight problems
• Underlying chronic health issues
• A myriad of menopausal symptoms
• Poor sleep
• Sugar cravings
• Stress
• Food intolerances


I have a special interest in helping women navigate through Menopause towards a more graceful and positive future. Symptoms such as: sleeplessness, forgetfulness, inability to make decisions, hot flushes, mood swings etc. can be extremely uncomfortable and cause anxiety. This doesn’t have to be case! There are natural approaches that can successfully move women through Menopause without too much discomfort.


I work with clients to help restore their vitality by discussing lifestyle changes including: improvements to their diet and specific nutrients that will help as well as introducing a regular movement and relaxation plan.


I founded Nutritional Matters to help people feel energised, more resistant to disease and to achieve their personal health goals through a realistic program tailored to meet their individual needs. My clients also comment that by adopting their new nutritional plan they are also making changes to their family’s diet and lifestyle.


Having worked in stressful corporate roles for over 20 years I became aware of the importance of good food choices to help combat the ill-effects of a busy lifestyle. I enjoy speaking at conferences and with corporate teams to discuss how they can better manage their diet and lifestyle to improve their productivity and to eliminate the stress they may be experiencing in the workplace.


Contact me to discuss extra services I offer for my clients including; DNA testing, hormone profiling and digestive analysis.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.