Your Personalised Meal Plan

You’re only one meal plan away from having more time in your week!

meal plan

No time to plan your meals for the week? Feel overwhelmed when you go to the supermarket and don’t know what to buy? Overspending on food and throwing precious vegetables away? Loads of food in the fridge, but still ordering Uber Eats for dinner?


Here’s your answer, a weekly meal plan for you, or you and your family, with everything you need to make eating healthy, simple and cost-effective.


The 7-day meal plan is tailored to suit your specific dietary needs, likes and dislikes.  It comes complete with a shopping list – no more overwhelm in the supermarket AND you’ll only need to buy what you need.


You’ll be armed with delicious recipes to keep you inspired and energised for the week.


We also believe in cooking once and eating twice, so you’ll have amazing leftovers for lunch (your colleagues will be drooling).

Complete the online questionnaire and we’ll get working on your personalised 7day meal plan straight away.

Remove the stress of meal planning, shopping and constantly thinking about what to cook.


Your personalised 7day meal plan is guaranteed to get you feeling inspired and enjoying time in the kitchen again. Plus you’ll get to share your new creations with your family and friends and add new recipes to your repertoire.