I’m on a mission to challenge the myth that it’s normal for women in mid-life to deal with problems like; insomnia, exhaustion, weight gain and debilitating menopause symptoms.  By making small dietary and lifestyle changes, I believe women can experience more energy, sleep soundly, maintain a healthy weight and have a greater sense of wellbeing.


Having worked in high-pressure corporate roles for over 20 years, I know how a busy lifestyle can take a toll on your health and that good food choices can help to combat many of the ill-effects of a corporate lifestyle, as well as improve productivity.

My interest in the unquestionable benefits of good nutrition led me to study a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). I then went on to gain further qualifications in social sciences and counseling.


I’m passionate about helping women navigate through Menopause, towards a more graceful and positive future. Menopausal symptoms such as; hot flushes, mood swings, sleeplessness, forgetfulness, and weight gain, can be extremely uncomfortable and even stressful for many women. But this doesn’t have to be the case! There are natural approaches that can support you through the transition of menopause, with minimal discomfort.

Surviving Menopause Workshop

Join Angela’s workshop on Surviving Menopause
2021 Dates to be confirmed.

Menopause Workshop

“Fantastic workshop, I not only enjoyed it but got so much information and practical tips to take-away. Angela is a true professional, who offers a fresh and fun voice to this significant phase in a woman’s life.” SUE

Find out what’s happening to your body at a Surviving Menopause Workshop. 


Join like-minded women for an evening of information and empowerment in a ‘no questions barred’ environment, devoted to helping you survive menopause. 


You’ll hear from one of Sydney’s leading physiotherapists, about the best ways to keep your bones strong for life.


PLUS: take away recipes and practical tips to implement immediately!

Struggling with menopause symptoms?

Grab a copy of my ‘Menopause Survival Guide’, which includes, ten easy steps, to help you, cool down, calm down and survive menopause – download your free copy today.

Your Menopause Survival Guide